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…. Before becoming Amphawa Riverview, our family was running the sawmill factory named after our last name “Chotikapanich”.  People in Amphawa and nearby knew us very well and would often call our house “Rong-Ruey-Cho”. Our factory was located by the river, same as many of the businesses around here. The river back then was the only means for transportation.  On the side of our factory is a small canal connected to the river called “Klong Bangchak”, this is where we had rooms for rent.  People would rent them out and open many shops along the canal - barber shop, drugstore, tailor shop, grocery store, etc.  When we were young, Klong Bangchak was very much similar to Klong Amphawa today where people would gather and sell their goods/foods by boat on certain dates.


…. As time went by, roads were finally built. People started to change their way of transportation. The river became less popular in Amphawa. More and more people moved into the city and Amphawa was a quiet hidden town. Until recently has Amphawa been rejuvenated as a conservation tourism town which makes Amphawa more well-known and attractive to many visitors today….

From “Rong-Ruey-Cho” to “Amphawa Riverview”

... We started by building guest rooms in traditional Thai designed houses. Each room can over-look the river view. In addition, we are renovating the old factory office and rooms along the canal to guest rooms. Inside, what used to be part of a factory, we have now turned into a big covered parking lot. Our guests do not have to worry about leaving their cars with us overnight. We hope our guests can enjoy the peaceful ambience and feel more relaxed when staying with us.

Amphawa Riverview is now a full service riverfront resort. We are also in a great location, only 600meters from the Amphawa floating market and Rama2 Park.

“We hope you feel most welcome and most at home when staying with us”